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Viage LLC is a Boston-based consulting and engineering services firm. We offer an impressive portfolio of professional services in engineering and data analytics.

Our mission is to assist customers with accelerating their transition in energy and digitalization, by providing cutting edge insight and products, with an emphasis on both integrity and professionalism.

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in engineering, data analytics, and data analytics platforms. The Viage advantage, for our customers, is a customized solution to suit their needs. We expertly combine the modern digital approach with a human touch!


The Viage team has numerous credentials and memberships across engineering and data analytics

  • Registered professional engineer in Massachusetts, Texas, Ohio, Oregon, Canada, and the International Registry

  • Certified Energy Manager - Association of Energy Engineers

  • Certified Green Building Engineer - Association of Energy Engineers

  • Governance Fellow - National Association of Corporate Directors

  • CFA Certified Investment Foundation Professional

  • Several certificates in data science, edge computing, and cloud computing

  • Lecturer - Graduate level Engineering Course on Applications of A.I. in Energy Systems


The Viage team has numerous professional affiliations to stay on the cutting edge of best practices and advances in industry.

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