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Our mission is helping our customers with their digital and energy transition, for cleaner, safer, and more effective operations. Our vision is a more sustainable future for all.

The Viage team takes a modern digital approach to supporting our Aviation clients, leveraging a one-of-a-kind combination of experience in Aviation, Energy & Environment, Operations Research, and Data Analytics.

The Viage team has over two decades of aviation and aerospace experience, including aircraft design, testing, ownership, operations, and safety. This experience includes both fixed-wing and UAV multi-rotor systems. The founder was a member of two award-winning graduate aerospace engineering teams, which both won 1st place in national AIAA competitions.

Aviation Data Management Platform
FBOs, flight schools, and fleet managers are overwhelmed by data from numerous sources. Our aviation data management platform seamlessly integrates all of your major data sources, while visually helping you identify how to improve performance and manage cost!
Aviation Management Consulting Report
Data-driven analysis of historical business performance. Benchmarking against a national peer group. Projections of future performance. Recommendations for improving performance.
Aviation Operations Optimization
Application of cutting-edge mathematical techniques to model your operations and find more optimal approaches to maximizing performance, safety, and reliability.
Aircraft Safety Benchmarking Report
Assessment and statistical analysis of your aircraft's safety record. Benchmarking against a representative peer group. All available public and private data is utilized, including FAA and NTSB reports.
Aircraft Flight Performance Analysis Report
Statistical analysis of historical aircraft system performance data. Flight envelope mapping and identification of areas for improved performance, including safety, fuel efficiency, and reliability.
Aircraft Acquisitions and Divestitures
Engineering analyses to support Aircraft Acquisitions and Divestitures
Aerial Imaging
Acquisition of aerial imaging to support marketing & sales, inspections, and mapping. Integration with data analytics and mapping platforms.
Aircraft Carbon Emissions and Offsets
The Viage team is certified to provide you with carbon emissions estimates, audits, and support for seeking carbon offsets. We follow numerous standards in this area, including ISO, EPA, State-level, as well as ICAO and FAA CORSIA.
Electric Aircraft and Urban Air Mobility
Advisory services involving emerging technology, including electric aircraft and urban air mobility. We have a unique combination of experience in both UAVs and electric systems, including sizing, selection, and modeling of electric motors and battery storage.
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