Sustainable Energy
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Our team is focused on energy transition and digitalization. Our engineering and managerial experience broadly covers much of the energy value chain, from sources to uses. And the team also has international energy experience in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Oceania, and Asia.

Building Energy Assessments
For energy-intensive businesses, a majority of operating costs are from energy expenses. Building and assets managers are overwhelmed by energy data and options from numerous sources. Our energy data management platform seamlessly integrates all of your major data sources, while visually helping you identify how to improve performance and manage cost!
Energy Management Consulting
Data-driven analysis of historical business performance. Benchmarking against a national peer group. Projections of future performance. Recommendations for improving performance.
Energy Savings Performance Contracting
Hydro & Geothermal Energy
Technical and economic assessments of geothermal energy resources and systems.
Solar and Wind Energy with Storage
Data-driven assessment of renewable energy options, using a cutting edge platform of techno-economic modeling, integrated with relevant considerations from the markets, regulations, policy, the environment, and commercial aspects.
Turbines for Combined Heat and Power
Turbine Design and Analysis for Power and Propulsion Applications
Reserves and Stranded Asset Risk
Carbon Emissions, Capture, and Sequestration Report
Underground Storage & Disposal
Technical and economic assessments of underground storage. Applications include compressed air energy storage, geothermal energy storage, and hydrocarbon storage.
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Viage Energy Transition Services

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